All Crypto Signals You Can Imagine

Twitter & Telegram Signal

Provide sentiment analysis, trend identification, influencers insights, official updates, and community engagement signals.

Macroeconomic Signal

Indicate economic health influencing crypto demand, interest rates, inflation, and global financial market trends for crypto trading.

Crypto News Signal

Provide timely information on regulatory changes, partnerships, technological advancements, and trends influencing crypto prices.

On-chain Signal

Show real-time blockchain activity like transaction volume and network usage, indicating crypto demand and potential price trends.

CEX Announce Signal

Provide insights into new listings, delistings, or updates influencing specific crypto prices and liquidity, support leading exchanges.

AI-Patterns Signal

Uses machine learning methods to identify historical price patterns, predicting potential future movements in crypto prices.

Features Facilitate your Crypto Journey


The most comprehensive crypto news sources

faster than any other media on the market, which makes you step ahead of the opponents.

Latest Crypto News Hunting

Exclusive data & deeply researched structure

our self-training AI model would bring you the most subjective point to boost your trade.

Professional Data & Trend Analysis

Easiest way to trade 10000+ cryptocurrencies

Support most fabulous crypto assets trading on both CEX & DEX, with no worry about the time loss.

Easiest Way to Trade Cryptos

Sentiment & Deep Analysis

The results would bring you a subjective & comprehensive point of view to benefit your trade and knowledge from different aspects as well.

Adapted Product Forms

We will provide Website, Chrome Extension, Mobile App, Telegram Bot, and various product forms cater to your habits, assisting you in your transactions.

Backed by Leading Web3 Platforms

Support most fabulous crypto assets trading on both CEX & DEX, all-in-one trading on one platform, with no worry about the time loss.